The Beginning


The main ingredient that any great recipe has to have is LOVE.  Since 1966 Ms. Geneva Dinkins has had an unmatched love for baking all kinds of cakes and pastries. Taught by her mother and grandmother to bake on a family farm in South Carolina these recipes are centuries old and a family secret. For years friends and family have consistently enjoyed these heavenly treats.  In 1996 she decided to bring her baked treats to retail were Le’Chateau Bakery was born.

The bakery quickly turned into a success as you could imagine. Her signature (Cake Cheesecakes) Layer Cake on top Cheesecake at the bottom was a dessert that most pallets had never tasted. With all real ingredients like local eggs, real butter, and no preservatives she made a statement that Le’Chateau Bakery was here to stay.

The Bakery on the other hand is a grand experience in itself.  Walking into the front door your spirit is greeted with a loving and a elegant atmosphere. Please stop by because at Le’Chateau Bakery your not a customer your Family!!  Coming soon to a location near you.